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I am a wife and mother of two, a business owner, real estate investor, and stock trader to name a few. I’m a small town girl who loves big cities. Midwest in spirit but Southern at heart. I enjoy traveling the country, shopping, finding the best restaurants and reviewing the latest products. I noticed that after buying a product or using a service, I would document a review. I research, study, and analyze everything down to the tiniest details. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a habit that I couldn’t break. I would purchase a product, review it over several days, weeks, or even months and then write out all the pros and cons. My reviews became not just a passion of mine but also an obsession. This obsession expanded into me becoming a full-time reviewer after going back and seeing that I was buying products on a daily basis. I would buy for myself, my kids, my husband or friends and family. All things we needed of course! I figured, if I was already buying and documenting reviews on paper, why not put it into a website for others to read the review as well. So that’s how this site came about…but I also had other ideas in mind as well. Read further to find out!

So what did I do before all this?! I worked full-time in the medical field while flipping houses, doing stocks, and learning how to be a profitable business owner. I went back to college for my degree in Business Administration while still working full-time in healthcare. Now I am strictly all business! I’ve built a successful Amazon business from the ground up. I now have years of experience flipping houses, investing in rental properties and day trading in the stock market.

Over the years, I’ve been a guest speaker at several female entrepreneur events and business gatherings. I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of individuals with things such as; credit repair, budgeting, flipping houses, learning the stock market, and ways to build passive income.

I started Yours Reviewly after realizing that I could reach more people if I had a larger platform to speak on. Not only could I share product reviews but I could also have a platform that would allow me to share my thoughts, opinions, and my experiences on a variety of topics.

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